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        ABOUT US


        Lianyungang Haidi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea, the east bridge of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge-Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park of Lianyungang City; situated in the north wing of China’s economically developed Yangtze River Delta, we enjoy very convenient road, railway, sea and air transportation for there are expressways, high-speed rails, ports, and complete airport in our region.

        Lianyungang Haidi is a productive enterprise wholly-owned by Haidi Group, with a total investment of over CNY 200 million; now, Lianyungang Haidi mainly produces organic pigments, dye intermediates and Polyurethane monomer (NDI). With an area of ??more than 66,700 square meters, and 76,000 square meters of buildings, the first phase of the project mainly includes: Permanent Violet production capacity of 1,600 tons, 1,8-Diaminonaphthalene and 1,5-Diaminonaphthalene production capacity of 2,800 tons, and 1,5-Naphthalene Diisocyanate production capacity of 1,200 tons. As a domestic manufacturer of Permanent Violet Pigments, our company has won a good reputation both in the domestic and international markets for excellent quality and outstanding performance. 

        Now, our company has more than 220 employees, over 90 of them are engineering and technical personnel, and more than 35% of employees have a bachelor degree or above. At the same time, we hire experts and professional technicians from European and American countries to participate in product development and quality control. Under the support of a strong technical force, our company has obtained a number of invention patents and key high technologies.

        Adopting the current domestic advanced production technology and introducing a fully automated production line, our company has successfully realized the pipeline transportation of most materials (including liquids and solids). The closed production process prevents the pollution of the products by physical foreign bodies during the production process. It greatly improves the security, environmental protection, and cleanliness of the production site. At the same time, the fully automatic production line also greatly reduces the use of labor, improves the level of process control, and once again improves the management ability of product quality.

        Up to now, our company has established extensive and in-depth cooperation with Japanese DIC, American Sun Chemical, BASF, LANXESS and other multinational companies; by positioning the target market in high-performance pigments, high-quality intermediates and diversified products, we have successfully and extensively involved in the upstream and downstream industries related to inks, plastics and new materials.

        Regarding product quality and service quality as the soul of the enterprise, our company regards satisfying customer needs as the motto of our business. Through carrying out comprehensive quality management to have strict process control and final inspection, we have good ability to guarantee 100% qualification rate of the outgoing products.

        Consistency, keeping promises, serving users, and contributing to society are our company's beliefs and philosophy. Our company warmly welcomes friends from all over the world to inquire and visit.